Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 Update!


Yep... it's all the same.  This blog gets  a lot of traffic, too.  Almost 100k views now.  And heck no I don't advertise.  I also delete posts and comments from advertisers and peeps trying to promote their biz.  So don't bother trying!

Anyway, what is new?  OMG I had a baby!  She totally has no teeth though, so I can't really post pics because it would just be all about the baby and that has nothing to do with surgery.  Although I did post my wedding pic, and that has nothign to do with surgery now does it?

Ok truth is I don't want to post super clear pics of my baby.  Sorry. She's just ours.  But she's awesome and cute, and she sleeps through the night and has since the beginning.  I knock on wood.  I really do.

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  1. Hi, Im not sure how I should began but I want to start off by saying thank you. in 2012 I learned that I needed a Le Fort 1 osteotomy and to prepare for that I needed braces. im in my 30's and never had braces but had straight teeth, the problem was over time I noticed my smile changing, I was no longer able to see my teeth when smiling. come to find out due to an improperly corrected under bite and serious teeth clenching I was basically pushing my top teeth into my skull! I have a medical background so I did all the research possible on my case. while searching information I stumbled across your blog (I actually never read blogs but im glad I read this one!) I was still kind of on the fence about going through with surgery b/c I was in my 30s didn't want braces, had tons of dental work already ie crowns, root canals, veneers, etc but I would shy away from taking pictures and this was a problem b/c at the time I was a single mom with a beautiful 6 year old daughter and I had no pictures with her because I felt like I looked like I was constipated when trying to smile, and I did and it looked awful and the pic wouldn't get framed anyway. but enough rambling, it was your blog that revealed the step-by-step process of pre-op AND post-op and the amazing results from someone that experienced the surgery and your story gave me the strength and confidence but most importantly the hope for a wonderful outcome. I can not thank you enough and have wanted to try and contact you some way other than a post. I enjoy reading about your progress and it has helped me to keep a positive outlook thorough this whole process. Congratulations on your marriage and the birth of your daughter! My surgery was in April 2013 and I actually got married in Dec 2013 (but no more kids for us, my daughter and his two boys are enough, lol).
    But again, thank you so much for blogging about this and im sure im not the only stranger that you have helped and inspired. it brings me great joy to see how beautiful your post-op results were but also how happy you are and all that's happened since your "adventures in orthognathics!!"

    Mackenzie S.