Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 Update!


Yep... it's all the same.  This blog gets  a lot of traffic, too.  Almost 100k views now.  And heck no I don't advertise.  I also delete posts and comments from advertisers and peeps trying to promote their biz.  So don't bother trying!

Anyway, what is new?  OMG I had a baby!  She totally has no teeth though, so I can't really post pics because it would just be all about the baby and that has nothing to do with surgery.  Although I did post my wedding pic, and that has nothign to do with surgery now does it?

Ok truth is I don't want to post super clear pics of my baby.  Sorry. She's just ours.  But she's awesome and cute, and she sleeps through the night and has since the beginning.  I knock on wood.  I really do.