Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Update!

Everything's going GREAT still!  Ha ha look how totally cool I can be, ha ha ha... Sigh.  Sorry 'bout this.  I was bored in a cab one day.  Don't hate-mail me about this ridiculousness.   

This is me and best guy in the universe camping in Big Sur, CA!  Straight teeth! 

NOT Smiling... But just for blog-effect!  I'm at "work" here.  Can you tell?  This is what your psychotherapist does between sessions.  Not really.  Okay really.  

Driving the PCH all convertible-like.

So long story short, NO changes and NO problems.  I continue to use my dental-guard thingy once every few weeks to keep my teeth truly in line.  Flossing with SUPERFLOSS (it's great and so much easier than those threaders, I mean COME ON).  Electric toothbrush.  But mostly just in love and happy and continuing on with life.  Once again, I would recommend this surgery, but again, be prepared for an adjustment period of up to one year.  'Til next year, you unfortunate surgery-goers. 'Til next year.  xo