Monday, July 19, 2010

Those summer nights.

Aaaaah!!! I love LOVE summer! This is a toothless smile. Getting ready for the cottage... going to movies, concerts, more concerts, and more concerts. I am still learning guitar, and have started "training" for my surf trip by swimming 3x per week for 40 minutes. All I have to do now is add some yoga, and I'm good to go. I hope. My surfboard is NOT going to hit me in the jaw... repeat to self 3 times when necessary.

This is a nice little pic of me and my mfeo (made for each other... I know... a little sleepless in seattle reference for anyone over 25) camping buddy up above... after a little 5k hike up a very buggy trail on Rock Lake. He's the best.

Ok campers... enjoy your surg-journey!!! Oh GOD does it suck like a mo-fo. Say "no" to bad oral hygiene.


  1. You look beautiful! I just read through your blog. I have finally gotten the courage to go through with orthognathic surgery. Braces are on, just waiting for my day! I am 31 years old and feeling really dorky... Lol. Thanks for sharing your journey! :-)

  2. Thanks for the blog and photos. I am going through a similar recovery process at the moment.

    I had both my upper and lower jaws fixed so I think my recovery may be a bit different from yours.

    I still can't smile 9 days after my surgery. I hope to be able to regain more control of my jaws soon.

  3. I just read your blog. I am an over 30 candidate for this surgery. Like you, I don't have a bad face to start with - but an overbite and a not very pronounced chin really ruin my profile. I don't HAVE to have the surgery - my "medical" issues aren't severe from it (some clicking in my jaw and my teeth don't like up). I am, again, like you, only a few mm's off. I am very torn, especially since I don't want to be "ugly" for 2 years of my life - It sounds vain, but I worry my last pretty years are going to be wasted on braces and swelling. Plus, I am so worried about "ruining" my face since I don't hate it now. Thank you so much for sharing your honest and very funny feelings. I look at your pics and think - I have a lot of life left, and if my results are as good as yours - worth it! Still have some more research and thinking to do, but I appreciate your candor and I will be checking back if I do decide to go through with it! Thanks!