Monday, April 20, 2009

2 months and a week post op.

Oooopsies... I've fallen behind on the blog-thing.  I think I'll stick to monthly updates from now on, as there isn't a lot happening in recovery-land these days.  Swelling is down a bit more (other people say this but I don't notice it one day to the next).  The feeling is almost totally restored - but just the sensation - not the same "type" of feeling yet.  In other words, if I touch my chin and lips I can feel it, but it doesn't feel like it used to.   Whatever - at least I can feel it.  

I can open almost to two fingers now... but it's a stretch.  The bumpy jawline is starting to go away too.  I can still see my cheeks if I look down (never used to).  I don't have to wear my elastics now either (according to my surgeon), but I wear them at night anyway (until I get the all-clear from my orthodontist too). 

My gums... let's just say it is very important to keep up the waterpic, the flossing, the little tiny "brushy" thing (you know what I'm talking about) that goes between your braces under the wire, and MOST of all... LISTERINE.  I forgot about the listerine.  :(  Regret.  Let this be a lesson that I learned for you... don't ask me for details.

I will post again around May 12 (the 3 month mark), and do monthly updates from then on.  

p.s. Ortho-man says the braces can come off in September (we'll see...).  

Monday, April 6, 2009

Week 8: April 2 to April 8th

Hey everyone ...  Nothing new to report...  More feeling in my chin.  Still getting weird sensations.  Still getting the "Carbonite Han Solo Face" once in a while.  My lips kind of disappear now and then (which is awesome in an "opposite meaning" kind of way).  

Now and then I can't say "B" sounds or "F" sounds and stuff.   Meh.  I can eat anything cut up (except microwaved chicken apparently), and can open as wide as a thumb.  

I would rather be in the Bahamas.  Let's just say that.