Monday, March 2, 2009

The "Before" Photo. Surgery day. February 12, 2009.


Age: 32
Sex: Yes please...
The Situation: TMJ & degenerative bone disease (aka arthritis) - mostly in the left jaw joint, but also in the right a bit. Overbite. Recessed and non-genetically blessed chin (courtesy of my dad). Braces on since May 2007. Already had one surgery (arthrocentesis) in July of 2007 to "flush" the disc in the left jaw joint back into place after my jaw locked semi-shut.
The Surgeon: Dr. Claudio Tocchio (North York Gen).
Mental Status: Pretty freaked out! Looking chill on the surface though (or I like to think).
Location: Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Time: About 10:30 am.
Last meal: Indian yumminess over 12 hours ago.

Oh, and this is a pic from a few years ago in all my toothy gummy glory (pre surgery). I hardly ever smiled like this, and I'm going go ahead and venture a guess that you probably know why...

See how I don't lie? Now enjoy
this blog and trust me from now on.


  1. Gwendoline ( 14 years old) :
    I think it's funny that you put your last meal !
    Do you have a photo of your front facing?

  2. Gwendoline ( 14 years old) :

    I mean a picture of your front facing BEFORE the operation ? :)