Monday, March 2, 2009

The "Before" Photo. Surgery day. February 12, 2009.


Age: 32
Sex: Yes please...
The Situation: TMJ & degenerative bone disease (aka arthritis) - mostly in the left jaw joint, but also in the right a bit. Overbite. Recessed and non-genetically blessed chin (courtesy of my dad). Braces on since May 2007. Already had one surgery (arthrocentesis) in July of 2007 to "flush" the disc in the left jaw joint back into place after my jaw locked semi-shut.
The Surgeon: Dr. Claudio Tocchio (North York Gen).
Mental Status: Pretty freaked out! Looking chill on the surface though (or I like to think).
Location: Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Time: About 10:30 am.
Last meal: Indian yumminess over 12 hours ago.

Oh, and this is a pic from a few years ago in all my toothy gummy glory (pre surgery). I hardly ever smiled like this, and I'm going go ahead and venture a guess that you probably know why...

See how I don't lie? Now enjoy
this blog and trust me from now on.


  1. Gwendoline ( 14 years old) :
    I think it's funny that you put your last meal !
    Do you have a photo of your front facing?

  2. Gwendoline ( 14 years old) :

    I mean a picture of your front facing BEFORE the operation ? :)

  3. Hi,

    I have the same TMJ disorder as you. (Left Jaw locking, ear ringing, facial pain and headache. I live in North York.
    Now I am researching if braces and jaw surgery would really be needed to relieve my TMJ disorder. Did it really help cure the TMJ disorder?

    How much was your Osteotomy surgery and how much was covered by OHIP?

    It was very difficult to find any information regarding TMJ disorders and cure for Toronto.

    In total how much did you spend for the braces and the surgery?

    Many thanks in advance.

  4. Hi - orthognathic surgery (not osteomy) as I understand it, is not a cure for TMJ and it is my understanding that it never was to be held out as such. I could be wrong. In my case, braces necessitated jaw surgery because my jaw was so misaligned that without the surgery, my jaw would have "pulled" all my teeth / bite back into it's original position. So I got the surgery to prevent that from happening, and also because yeah, I had a very slopey chin and profile. I think at the time (2008/09) I paid like $3000 for the aftercare. The rest was ohip covered. I don't have TMJ anymore, but I do feel some disc stuff going on in the left mandibular joint now and then. Let's just say I don't let myself yawn TOO wide, because it locked shut ages ago / before surgery and it was not fun. But yeah, the headaches and TMJ clicking sound are gone. The TMJ didn't really bother me until after the disc slipped and my jaw locked - that's when I had mild headaches. But they went away on their own / the surgery didn't really cure that part of it - mostly just the clicking part. I wish I had more concrete answers. I think TMJ can be a bit like a moveable parts scenario. Who knows.